Creative Project: first experiment

My next attempt of my creative project had many eye opening turns.

I took the advantage of a room full of 24 yr olds and got them all to participate in my art project.

I was in an unfamiliar environment for myself, so I wasn’t to sure what to expect. I come to a dinner gathering armed with coloured pastels and pencils some paper and some questions and a fun activity.

I also only new three of the eight people who were there so I also had no insight into wether these people create any forms of art on a day to day basis.

The space it self was plastered in many different images around the walls with a couple of couches and a big artisian rug.

Within this particular environment  I was about to discover something new that have not before experienced.

My simple thought experiment started with this…

And this was each individual result….

And then there was this response, which i find the most interesting

What’s most fascinating about this response is how she thought that this space she was in was full of colourful inspiration yet her drawing and text is all in led pencil on white paper with not one trace of colour.

But then this happened…

When she got hold of a red pastel, she vigorously covered this newspaper with it.

It got to a point that she got so intensly engrossed in the moment that she had to step away a go for a walk.

It was if she had triggered an unconscious response with such a simple task. Even the intensity of colour was interesting. This first piece she used all red and then on another piece of paper she had done the same thing but with pink and red pastel.

Well from the activity that evening a creative flow started to happen and without any instruction somebody bought out another giant piece of paper and we all collabrated on it.

There suddenly become a sense of play and openess to creativity that evening.

It reminded me of a sentence from Csikszentmihalyi, M. (1996). The Creative Personality. Creativity: Flow and the psychology of discovery and invention (pp. 53).

‘… Openness to experience, a fluid attention that constantly processes events in the environment, is a great advantage for recognising potential novelty.’

In the end everybody noted that they had fun but weren’t serious as to how they responded to the questions an activities. The conscious collective thought was to be free play have fun and not be serious for a couple of hours. A few people involved told me that if they were at home in their own creative space, they would take it more seriously and put more time and effort in the task at hand. hmm… very interesting point.

I want to try this activity again but with individuals and with a different age group. I would like to mix the variables.

The final idea I have is to create a collage with all the final pieces of individual work. I want to it to create a sense of oneness. Everybody my be different but in the end we all still respond to activity environment and context of a situation.

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