My much earlier work

While I was away living in another country, I re-discovered my passion for drawing. I guess all the constant inspiration of a new place and a need to communicate in other ways  other than words drove creativity. I as looking after three young girls in France and I needed to find away to entertain them. So i pulled out the coloured pencils and paper and went “nuts”.

The girls realised I could draw and then suddenly my work was in demand.  There’s nothing more inspiring than three young hopeful smiles staring back at you every time you dazzle them with a new illustration.

This was also round about the time I inherited my first decent watercolour set. And so it began… 

I started painting characters I saw from children’s books and was inspired by a lot of kids cartoons. The work began to grow to more of a reflection of french life.      I started drawing little pieces for a friends creative blog

For some reason travel always sparked my creative juices. Back when I was 19, living in the U.K, I went through the same experience. Drawing become my comfort place, something familiar.

These days I’m back in my home town, besides family the only other reason I came back was to study an arts degree. But what I have noticed about myself, is that my need to create comes from the need to feel something familiar when placed very far out of my comfort zone. Therefore I become more aware of myself and my surroundings and from that I feel I achieve some of my better work.

Reference: ( all drawings and paintings by me)

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