Creative Project, 3rd attempt

I expanded on my previous ideas and took a range of people varying in age and background who either consider themselves creative or not, gave them similar questions from before but put them in an individual environments.

This next stage was interesting as the spaces I put these people in are not what many people would consider to be an ideal environment to create in.

But that was the whole point. To place someone out of the comfort zone and expect them to respond to the space in a creative way.

These were the spaces…

 The small white room with no windows

The bathroom

And the dining room.

I let this lady stay in the comfort of the dining room because she made me an awesome dinner.

These were the questions…

 and these were the results….

by a 31 yr old male

51 yr old male

63 yr old lady


this done by a 22 yr old male

The results between age ( including the last experiment)  are all quite different.

I noticed that the older the participants were, the more literal in the creative response.

The 51 yr old gentlemen was quite surprised by his response to the space. When he first walked into the bathroom he thought, ‘what the hell am i going to do in here?’.

He started observing his space with optimism and started to think about flowing water and rushing taps and how easily we have the ability to stop ‘flow’. So this was represented with the colour red.

As for the lady she noted that she finds herself to be creative in most day to day activities including cleaning.

That discovery alone makes me wonder about how we determine levels of creativity.

The younger gentlemen put in the same room responded with a need to be free from the small confined space

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