Creative Project 4

This part of the project was to work with the third field of context within art. The Reception and Interpretation.  The idea was to display the work as a collective community of creative individuals and place it in a space that most public viewers would not consider an exhibit space.

This would complete the R. W. Woodman Interactive Model of creative Behaviour. A- P- CI- B- C,

A= Antecedent Conditon (beginning a Hypothetical proposition)

P= Personality

CI= Contextual influences

B= Creative behaviour

C= Conseqeunces

This was the consequence


Yes you might be thinking, ‘ hey Jen that’s a smelly idea’.

I needed a space that a lot of people go and are forced to stare at the wall in a inclosed space. But it’s a space that people don’t consider to be a creative exhibit space, not unless you a moody teenage with a marker or you have kinky tendicies.

I did start with notice boards, popping each piece quietly amongst other notices. So the viewer would be pleasantly surprised by an out of the ordinary notice. But that didn’t allow me to put all the works together. 

The best part of putting this work in a toilet cubicle was because of a particular piece written by a young chap about how  he wouldn’t change ‘this’ space because it was so seriene and peaceful. (there was no mention as to what space he was talking about). Some people might  be happy to relate it to the public toilet or just sit there confused as to what this person was writing about. I certainaly don’t consider a public toilet to be peaceful or seriene.

I would have tried putting this project up in some more public spaces but I didn’t have the guts to deface public property. And I would have liked to document the remains of this approach, but I won’t know till next week and in a way I kind of like not knowing. Its as if my work is done and now its left to someone else to play with. The project  for me was enjoying seeing how other people reacted to the activities I gave them. This gave a insight in creative personalities of other people. How creative can you be in an unusual environment?

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2 thoughts on “Creative Project 4

  1. Very cool. Did you actually leave the work up on the cubicle? Really liked how you just left it and walked away. It was quite a strong and powerful decision to make.

    I often wish the cubicles where made from white boards. Would give you something to do during those long visits!

  2. :)Yes i did leave it. I went back today to check and it was still there untouched. I wanted to take it down and put it somewhere else but i thought i would leave it over some time to let it sink in for a bit. Time usually changes things so i’ll see what happens.

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